4 Steps to convert your Site or Forum

Service Request

(about 5 min)

Have you decided to convert your site or forum?
Yes! You have chosen the best way of having this huge piece of work done fast and very easily. Just make a request for our service and our professional developers will take care of it within 36-48 hours.
To start you should fill in our «Request Form» and click on the «Submit» button.

Site Review

(within 1 hour)

We will review your site and make sure that there aren't any specific problems for conversion. Your review request will be acknowledged as soon as possible. It will take a maximum one hour if you are in our time zone (from UTC+2 to UTC+4), a maximum of 24 hours if you are outwith our time zone.
If you want custom manipulations as part of the conversion we will assess your request and provide the cost for those particular services.

Site Conversion

(36-48 hours)

Once we have finished the site review and have all the information required, our developers will start the conversion immediately. The time taken for the conversion depends on the size of the database and the file attachments. The average conversion takes a 36-48 hours.


(within 3 days)

The first two steps are free. It is only after the site conversion (step 3) is finished that you will receive a payment request from us by email.
You can find the prices for our "Basic" conversion services here, more information abour how to find the exact cost for the conversion service you need here.

« New 4 Conversions Included in gConverter Services! »
vBulletin 5 Forum to/from conversions
Convert from phpBB, XenForo, IP.Board, Vanilla, MyBB, SMF, bbPress, Simple:Press, Kunena, FluxBB, PunBB, YaBB, Drupal Forum to vBulletin5
Price: $125
(for all 260 boards)
vBulletin CMS (Publishing Suite) to/from conversions
Wordpress to/from vBulletin CMS, Joomla to/from vBulletin CMS etc...
Price: $95
(for all 260 boards)
   xenForo to conversions
vBulletin to xenForo, phpBB to xenForo, MyBB to xenForo, SMF to xenForo, IP.Board to xenForo etc...
Price: $75
(for all 260 boards)
   xenForo from conversions
xenForo to vBulletin, phpBB to/from xenForo, xenForo to MyBB, xenForo to SMF, xenForo to IP.Board etc...
Price: $95
(for all 260 boards)
From To Price
Joomla to Wordpress
Drupal to Wordpress
phpBB to Wordpress
vbBlog to Wordpress
vBulletin Forum to Wordpress
phpBB to vBulletin
MyBB to vBulletin
Wordpress Forum to vBulletin Forum
Drupal Forum to vBulletin Forum
Other Discussion Boards to|from conversion
General cost for all combinations: $95
vBulletin phpBB AEF SMF
FluxBB UseBB MyBB Vanilla
Phorum XMB PunBB YaBB
Launch.Forum Simple:Press bbPress BuildACommunity
DiscusWare UBB OpenBB ZetaBoards
IP. Board XForum by Trollix XenForo WoWBB
Other CMS to|from conversion
General cost for all combinations: $75
Wordpress Joomla Drupal b2Evolution
Geeklog Mambo Modx Nucleus
phpNuke phpWCMS TYPO3 Xoops
Frog CMS SilverStripe Concrete5 ExpressionEngine
e107 CMS MiaCMS Exponent CMS Elxis CMS
Habari CMS Made Simple Symphony ImpressCMS
FORUM to|from CMS conversion
General cost for all FORUM/CMS combinations: $85