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Convert your WoltLab Burning Board based forum to MercuryBoard?
That's a great choice and you are in the right place to do this fast, easily and without a headache! Just start by making a request for our conversion service, and our professional specialists will contact you and convert your "WoltLab Burning Board" forum to "MercuryBoard" within a few hours.

4 Steps to convert your WoltLab Burning Board forum to MercuryBoard

Service Request

(about 5 min)

Just select one of the conversion types below, choose the options, click on the red button and fill our form to get started.

Forum Review

(within 1-6 hours)

Once we receive your request, we send a response email asking for the access data we need to start.

Forum Conversion

(24-48 hours)

Once we have finished the forum review and have all the information required, our developers will start the conversion immediately.


(within 3 days)

The first two steps are free. It is only after the forum conversion (step 3) is finished that you will receive a payment request from us by email.

Please take a look at the components we offer for the WoltLab Burning Board to MercuryBoard "Basic" conversion package below.

Convert WoltLab Burning Board to MercuryBoard «Basic» service package
Components and Features gConverter
WoltLab Burning Board Versions: Convert from any WoltLab Burning Board versions to latest MercuryBoard version
Users: Convert WoltLab Burning Board users to MercuryBoard
  First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Nickname
  Website, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, gTalk, ICQ, Jobber
  Date of registration and last visit
  Avatar (if recepient board supports avatars)
Solution for User passwords: The WoltLab Burning Board Usernames will be moved without any changes. New passwords will be generated randomly and we will provide you with a gConverter tool to send these new passwords to owners via their email addresses. The tool contains a "send new passwords" button which you click to send all users a "New Password Notification" email. They will then be able to log in with their username and new password without any problems.
  "New Password Sender" Tool
Categories & Forums: Convert WoltLab Burning Board Categories & Forums to MercuryBoard with the same "paren-child" hierarchy.
  Number of topics and posts, latest topic data
Topics, Threads Convert all WoltLab Burning Board Topics, Threads to MercuryBoard
  Content Text
  File Attachments
  Author Date
  Publish Date
Posts, Replies: Convert WoltLab Burning Board Posts, Replies to MercuryBoard
  Content Text
  File Attachments
  Author Data
  Publish Date
Support: Our support is available 7 days a week without rest days, we will help you until your issues are resolved
  Direct email support with gConverter developer who is currently working on your site
  Live Support (Chat)
  Support Forum
SSL Certificate Authority malware removal and website security Dear Customer!
Our company is always looking for new and better ways to serve you. At gConverter, keeping your data secure is our top priority. We use proven technology and take every precaution to make sure your data arrive safely at our data center - and stay safe and protected for as long as we finish the conversion. Once service is completed, all data are being removed from our server.