Convert ExpressionEngine to Wordpress

Need to convert your ExpressionEngine based site to Wordpress? That's a great choice and you are in the right place to do this fast, easily and without a headache! Just start by making a request for our conversion service, and our professional specialists will contact you and convert your ExpressionEngine site to Wordpress within 24-48 hours (database only) or 4-7 days (full conversion). We do not request any payment from you until your site has been successfully converted. Therefore, if you don't like the results and you provide us with valid reasons, then you don't pay.

4 Steps to convert your ExpressionEngine site to Wordpress

Service Request

(about 5 min)

Just select one of the conversion types below, choose the options, click on the red button and fill our form to get started.

Site Review

(within 1-6 hours)

Once we receive your request, we send a response email asking for the access data we need to start.

Site Conversion

(24-48 hours)

Once we have finished the site review and have all the information required, our developers will start the conversion immediately.


(within 3 days)

The first two steps are free. It is only after the site conversion (step 3) is finished that you will receive a payment request from us by email.

Please take a look at the conversion types we offer for the ExpressionEngine to Wordpress conversion service below

Database Conversion (Basic Package)
Username, Usergroups/Roles, First Name, Last Name, Display Name, Nickname, Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, gTalk, ICQ, Jobber, Date of registration and last visit
Solution for User passwords
The ExpressionEngine Usernames will be moved without any changes. New passwords will be generated randomly and we will provide you with a gConverter tool to send these new passwords to owners via their email addresses. The tool contains a "send new passwords" button which you click to send all users a "New Password Notification" email. They will then be able to log in with their username and new password without any problems.
Convert ExpressionEngine Categories to Wordpress with the same "paren-child" hierarchy.
Posts, Articles, Pages
Title, Alias/Slug, Content Text with images and attached files, Category, Tags, Author Data, Publish Date
Content Text, Author Name, Author Email, Comment Date.

Theme Conversion

If you also need to convert ExpressionEngine Theme to Wordpress

ExpressionEngine Theme to Wordpress Conversion allows transforming of any type of design solution into a Wordpress website. There are several Wordpress Themes which can be utilized and further tailored to suit the specific needs. In this regard gConverter team offers quality ExpressionEngine Theme to Wordpress convert service wherein its skilled developers undertake Theme conversion to get the same look and feel for your new Wordpress site.

We'll care about all theme components: Menus, Sidebars, Widgets, Unique Page Layouts, Slideshows, Static and Dynamic Blocks.

$250 - $500
Other Additional Services
Our support is available 7 days a week without rest days. We will help you until your issue is resolved - whether it is a pre-service issue, a problem during the conversion or concerns after the conversion is complete and payment has been received.

Complete Conversion
Wordpress is undoubtedly the one of most favored CMS as is evident from the growing number of sites made with it. The reason behind this is its richness whether in terms of plugins, templates, widgets, community support, customization, security concerns or any other thing that might come to the fore. Wordpress has everything to call it a complete CMS and if anything is missing, it is definitely under the process of development.

The «Full» conversion service package includes anything wich is possiblele to transfer and retain on the Wordpress.

This service package consists of three parts:
  1. Content/Database Conversion
    • Basic Package
    • Advanced Package (If it's necessary)
  2. Theme Conversion
    • Theme
    • Recommended Additional Services
    • Other Additional Services (If it's necessary)
  3. Plugins' Data Migration to similar Wordpress Plugin database
    • Plugins for Multilanguage sites
    • Plugins for extended User Profiles
    • Photo Gallery Plugins
    • Link Directory Plugins
    • Audio and Video Plugins
    • Plugins for Events
    • Shop Extensions
    • Forum Extensions
    • Any Others Extensions and Plugins
Our support is available 7 days a week without rest days. We will help you until your issue is resolved - whether it is a pre-service issue, a problem during the conversion or concerns after the conversion is complete and payment has been received.

SSL Certificate Authority malware removal and website security Dear Customer!
Our company is always looking for new and better ways to serve you. At gConverter, keeping your data secure is our top priority. We use proven technology and take every precaution to make sure your data arrive safely at our data center - and stay safe and protected for as long as we finish the conversion. Once service is completed, all data are being removed from our server.